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What is GeneO+?

GeneO+ is the newest generation in hydrating treatment for skin resurfacing (removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface), improving skin oxygen levels via oxygenation and infusion of valuable ingredients to enrich the skin layers – all the things skin loves! You can expect smoother complexion and younger looking skin immediately.

Instantly Noticeable Results…

GeneO+ provides four effective treatments at the same time. It combines resurfacing, infusion, oxygenation, and optionally, skin tightening. There’s no pain, no downtime and can be performed in as little as 30 minutes. It’s ideal for clients looking for an immediate ‘pick me up’ before an important event.


We begin with Geneo+ technology, developed by the leading aesthetic device maker Pollogen, referred to as the most in-demand star treatment. GeneO provides resurfacing of the upper skin layer to remove dead cells. It also smoothens and renews the skin, diminishing fine lines and surface irregularities. Unlike microdermabrasion it’s non-vacuum, therefore a less irritating method – yet yielding better results. It’s extremely gentle and can be used on sensitive skin and all over the face, including around the eyes, mouth and nose.


We infuse the skin with essential nutrients known for their remarkable ability to regenerate the skin. The choice of formulation varies based on each person’s unique skin condition.


We use a high-tech disc cartridge to produce little carbon dioxide bubbles to gently burst onto the face, one area at a time, then infuse into the skin and create a CO2-rich environment. End result? The skin will feel beautifully clean, more plump, hydrated and soft.


As an optional add-on, we finish off with Pollogen Tripollar FaceLift (ARTG listed 299512) – a Non-invasive radio frequency device which is clinically proven to tighten skin without affecting pigment cells, making it safe for all skin types.


Dr David Wilkinson

David trained in medicine at The University of Manchester, England, one of the world’s leading universities. He has post graduate training from universities in South Africa, Australia and the USA, most notably from Columbia University, New York.

David has been in Australia over 20 years now and has held a range of eminent academic and clinical roles, including as Dean of Medicine at The University of Queensland between 2003 and 2013. This is where his special interest in skin cancer medicine, skin health and aesthetic medicine started. He is a Clinical Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Having recently moved with his family to a rainforest and grazing property near Maleny, David is offering his aesthetic medicine services on Saturdays in collaboration with Rosie Kaye’s Skin and Body Co Maleny.  Rosie’s skin services complement David’s skin repair and anti-aging aesthetic medicine.

David practises as a Skin Cancer physician during the week at the Sunshine Coast Skin Cancer Centre at Kawana Waters Private Hospital.


Consultation (15 minutes)
Free If you have been thinking about aesthetic skin treatments and are unsure, if you are new to aesthetic treatments, or if you are looking to extend your range of treatments, come along for a FREE 15-minute consultation with Rosie and David to discuss what might be best for you.  No pressure, no sales, just our combined experience and expertise, shared to meet your needs. 
Already know what you want: Book in directly for a treatment. First time treatment with Dr David: 30 minutes. Repeat treatment with Dr David: Anti-wrinkle injection 15 minutes; Dermal Filler 30 minutes.
Anti-wrinkle injections (AWI)
AWI partially paralyses the muscles that are injected. This softens the skin, reducing both static and active wrinkles. So, over time, you get much softer skin, less movements and fewer wrinkles.  Treatment is not painful and is very low risk (when done by an experienced doctor). Dr David will carefully consider your preferences and expectations and make recommendations for treatments. Always, recommendations are individualised to your face and your preferences. 
Cost AWI
 $12 per unit
Buy up to 40 units and pay $12 per unit Buy up to 60 units and pay $11 per unit Buy up to 100 units and pay $10 per unit
Treatment guidance
A typical first treatment will include forehead, frown and crow’s feet – they tend to go together. And, in a first-time, female client (as an example) total dose would be around 30-40 units. Total cost is $350-450 approx. My advice is start slow and soft, see how you like the effect, and adjust from there for future treatments. Add a smile lift, lip lines and dimpled chin and the total would be around 40-50 units ($450-600). Of course, everyone is different, and we will work together to ensure that you get the desired outcome.  AWI takes a few days to kick in, and by 2 weeks you will see the maximal effect, which typically lasts for up to 3 months. Retreatment is then necessary to maintain the effect.  Rebook and pay for your repeat treatment before 12 weeks for a 10% discount. 
Indicative pricing per treatment area
Units Price ($)
Forehead (frontalis)
10-20 units $120-240
Frown (glabella)
20-25 units $240-300
Crow’s feet
12-20 units $144-240
Eyebrow lift
2-4 units $24-48
Smile lift
4-6 units $48-72
Lip lines / lip flip
2-4 units $24-48
Dimpled chin
4-6 units $48-72
Masseter reduction
30-50 units $360-600
Half face AWI package
Typically, most clients start here, with a combination of forehead, frown and crows, with a brow lift, using 40-50 units. Package price is $500.
Full face AWI package
Start with the Half face package, and add a smile lift, lip lines, dimpled chin, as required. Package price is $600. (Excludes masseter treatment).
Skin Needling and Mesotherapy combines the benefits of dermal NEEDLING with the advanced delivery of ELECTROPORATION.
It is a safe and minimally in vasive treatment designed to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibers in the skin.
  • Hydration and plumps fine lines
  • Improved skin texture, tone and tightness
  • Reduction in the e appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved appearance of acne and surgical scars
  • Improved appearance of pigmentation, rosacea and stretch marks
  • Reduction in pore size

Dermal filler

Not everyone needs, or benefits from dermal filler. However, to replace the lost volume from ageing, and to fill in deep lines, or to plump out the lips, dermal filler can have very satisfying results. 

The diagram show the main sites that benefit from dermal filler, with cheeks, lips, mouth lines, tear troughs and the jaw benefiting the most. 

Appropriate use of dermal filler requires very careful consideration and consultation. 

Cost Dermal Filler: $500 per ml, depending on filler type and area of face treated

Most treatments require only 1 or 2 ml.

Dr. David

by Appointment ONLY

First Saturday of every month morning from 8:30 – 11:00.

Special appointments can also be arranged.
For booking call 0413040565 or Email us at rosie@skinandbodycomaleny.com.au

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